According to a report by the Foreign Trade Institute in New York (ICE), France and the UK will be the hardest hit member states by US retaliatory tariffs.

According to the ICE report, the brunt of the tariffs would be borne by France (27.7%), the UK (25.9%), followed by Germany (19.8%), Spain (11.2%), Italy (6.4%) and Ireland (6.4%). The report used 2018 figures, projecting them to 2019.

The value of imports affected would be “much lower” than the four countries in the Airbus consortium, France, UK, Germany and Spain.

Tariffs are countermeasures for state subsidies towards Airbus. They are introduced following a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling that determined Airbus indeed benefited from state subsidies. WTO is preparing to rule on tariffs the EU can impose in retaliation to US state aid given to Boeing.

The US will impose a 10% tariff on EU made aeroplanes that is bound to affect the French, German, British, and Spanish consortium. The list of food and drink to be targeted includes cookies, waffles, cheese, liquors, cordials, processed meats, fruit, clams, butter, yoghurt, coffee, wine, and whiskey.