Brazil is in danger of losing its vote at the United Nations if it does not pay some of its debt of $400 million by the end of the year, Brazilian officials said.

Under the rules of the already low-on-money organisation, a country can lose its General Assembly vote if its debt is equal or higher than its contributions for the previous two years.

Officials said that of Brazil’s $415.8 million bill, $143 million is owed for 2019, which makes the country the second-largest UN debtor after the United States. Brazil’s Economy Ministry has asked the country’s Congress to support allocating $130 million to cover part of the debt, as it must pay at least $126.6 million by the end of the year.

“There is considerable risk that Brazil, for the first time ever, will lose its right to vote at the UN as of January 1, 2020”, said the Economy Ministry’s secretary for international relations.

Comoros, São Tomé and Principe, and Somalia were also at risk of losing their voting rights, but the UN General Assembly recently voted in their favor. A country can preserve its voting rights in the UN if it can show its inability to pay is beyond its control.

UN chief Antonio Guterres recently warned that members owe the organisation a total of $1.99 billion, 97% of which is owed by US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Iran, Israel and Venezuela.