Benin has ordered the European Union’s ambassador to the country, Oliver Nette, to leave, accusing him of meddling in state politics, said a statement from the President’s office on Wednesday.

Nette has until December 1 to leave the country, as he is now considered “persona non grata”. While the EU ambassador has been described as “harmful”, government officials stated that the West African country had nothing against the EU.

The German-born ambassador has been accused of frequently undermining the legitimacy of Benin’s current parliament, that was elected in April under a new controversial election law.

Benin has been facing a crisis after the adoption of the new election law in April, which excluded opposition parties from running, under the justification that they do not fit the prerequisite legal criteria and anti-government protests were calling for Beninese President Patrice Talon to step down.

Various African countries have slammed ambassadors the last months, with Rwanda expelling German ambassador in March, Somalia accusing UN envoy over interference in the country’s sovereignty, Burundi closing UN offices in the country and the Democratic Republic of Congo ordering EU envoy to leave the country, in December 2018.