The dismissal of Commissioner John Dalli on 16 October had the immediate effect of elevating the power and patronage of the President of the European Commission and his entourage next to the Almighty, together with Beatrice of Dante Alighieri. But, like all morality tales, it has now become a nightmare for many, as the free-fall begins.
“New Europe” has since the very start, supported the innocence of John Dalli.
We are now satisfied that the innocence of John Dalli has been proven by hard facts, but now this story has to reach an end. Indeed, the more this bluff continues with intra-services confrontations and futile exercises, the more Europe, which is already in a very bad shape, is losing.
The end of the story must be given by Jose Manuel Barroso himself, the man who started it.
The President must invite OLAF to re-open the Dalli case and OLAF must release its report, immediately restoring the truth. The very same day, Jose Barroso must ask Tonio Borg to resign, on the grounds of Article 17 of the TEU and invite John Dalli to return to his post, as he never resigned and the President, as he claims, never dismissed him. 
This must happen before the day the President and OLAF will testify to the European Parliament.
End of file.
This is the last possible act of the Commission for this case, an act to display at least in the very last moment, good faith. 
This will be probably the only argument in favor to recall, as the case will be opened, sooner or later, by the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium, something we have been insisting on for many weeks.
The problems for the President of the Commission and his entourage will then start, as the Belgians, thank God, do not care who you are and if they start digging into the Dalli dossier nobody knows what more they will find, or indeed, who else may be heading to the dock.