As new elements surfaced in the John Dalli dismissal and unveiled his innocence, the case turned into a political standoff. Dalligate has swiftly evolved into Barrosogate, becoming the biggest scandal of Europe since the Treaty of Rome. Those that still cannot see it are either politically blind or choosing to be.
The facts, once again, in short: On October 16, 2012 the President of the European Commission dismissed Health Commissioner John Dalli giving him half an hour to chose between dismissal and resignation. 
The dismissal was the result of the unsubstantiated and unproven conclusion of an (until recently secret) report made by OLAF that he knew a tobacco company was attempting to influence him and that a third party had solicited a bribe on his behalf. 
Dalli did not receive any money and did not alter any legislation, as was the wish of the industry. Furthermore, the industry alleges that they were advised it would best to propagate (in a hearing and meetings with the European Parliament and any other communications) false testimony by OLAF and Maltese Police. Both OLAF and Maltese police have denied these claims.
The suspicion of Dalli’s knowledge of the affair was subsequently proven to be unfounded, but the Commissioner was already dismissed without even having read the OLAF report, which in any case did not carry any accusations for the Commissioner!
Now, we are before the unique opportunity to reinstate justice and democracy in the house of Europe and restore the confidence of citizens to the European administration. In this way we will convince citizens that the government of the European Union, that is the European Commission, returned to become the transparent and accountable institution we all want, capable and trustful to rule half a billion people. This is not utopic, it is feasible and we can do it! 
The world has achieved progress, democracy and prosperity because of few courageous, creative and determined minds, part of the mainstream that dared to oppose it. Galileo Galilei, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and others alike did it and changed the world. They were brilliant minds, deep believers in their mission, “the crazy ones” who have changed the world. If they did it, we can do it and we can change Europe.
Now it is the time for OLAF, the anti-fraud service of Europe, to demonstrate it’s independence, and to take action against the unwritten laws of the “establishment” (the omerta in place to serve and obey the wishes of the Commission President) and bring the change we need.
OLAF, besides taking the initiative of referring the Dalli dossier with all new elements to the Federal Belgian Prosecutor, must open a new internal investigation to discover what happened to the Tobacco Products Directive after the unwarranted dismissal of John Dalli.
The crisis of Europe is bigger than we think. It is a systemic crisis of values. This Commission, the present government of Europe, is in power over eight years and the crisis is less than four years old. To those that are not politically deaf, this may say something.
An in-depth investigation over the Tobacco Products Directive may trigger the changes we need to make people believe again in the European dream, remake Europe in the conscience and the harts of the peoples of Europe and bring us out of the crisis.