EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has sounded the alarm bell in the European Parliament, warning officials about the dangers that lie ahead if the British House of Commons fails to pass the Brexit agreement that has been agreed upon by both London and Brussels in December.

Barnier told MEPs that the most recent withdrawal agreement is the “Only possible deal…Given the difficult circumstances of this negotiations,” adding, “It’s not a question of winners and losers because Brexit is a lose-lose. There is no added value.”

Farage calls deal “worst in history”

During an EU parliamentary debate on November 30, firebrand Brexit leader Nigel Farage said May’s deal would be voted down in the British parliament as it is “the worst deal in history”.

Farage later lashed out at Barnier and warned him that Brussels better be prepared for the UK’s MPs to vote down the deal, going so far as to predict that the vote will go against the agreement by “a very big margin.”

Coming to Barnier’s side in the exchange was German MEP from the European People’s Party Elmar Brok, who accused Farage of working with the US’ anti-EU president, Donald J. Trump, to help divide Europe.

Verhofstadt, Gualtieri supports the deal

The head of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and president of the chamber’s Brexit group, Guy Verhofstadt, said the deal is the “only one best possible” under the circumstances, but later added a more hopeful prediction when he said he had the strong belief that the UK will opt to rejoin the EU when “a new generation in Britain will decide to come back into the great European political family.”

Roberto Gualtieri, a member of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, said there is “no alternative deal to the one agreed,” and suggested that if the discussion reopens and the UK wishes to remain “our arms are and will remain open.”