Early elections or a declaration of independence is the political dilemma for the Catalan nationalist coalition (Junts pel Si), the Catalan News Agency reports.

The Spanish Senate is about to convene on Friday to invoke Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, suspending Catalan governance. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy reiterated on Wednesday that Madrid’s objective is to restore rule of law, but the ruling PP has secured the support of the Socialist (PSOE) and Liberal (Ciudadanos) opposition.

The Catalan Parliament will convene on Thursday and Friday, ahead of the Spanish Senate to debate on its political reaction to Madrid’s call for the suspension of its autonomy.

The far-left CUP is pressing the Catalan government to declare independence, while civic platforms such as Òmnium and ANC are preparing to take to the streets.

The discussion in both Spanish and Catalan media are the steps that would follow the declaration of direct rule. El Pais reports that Madrid will seek to gain control of the Telecommunications and Information Technologies Center (CCTI). National intelligence officers and tax inspectors will move swiftly to prevent the emergence of an online government in exile.

Madrid has made clear that article 155 of the Spanish Constitution will not be invoked if the government calls for early elections. Although the Spanish government demands a formal clarification that the Catalan President, Puigdemont, has not declared independence on October 10, the Socialist opposition would be satisfied.

The Catalan Socialist Party leader, Miquel Iceta, is calling for political dialogue, providing scope for further economic autonomy.