Martin Selmayr: Some hate him, some love him, but the European Commission’s seventh Secretary-General is known for getting things done. He has been characterised an almighty master puppeteer by many in Brussels, and rightly so. He knows what strings to pull, and when to pull them. Selmayr’s main advantage: he has a global view, that is ‘unedited and uncut’.

The largest criticism launched at Selmayr – for years – has been that his power did not reflect his job title. Well now it does. Balance has been restored, and Martin Selmayr can lay down the law of the land without ‘overstepping’ any more.

Kassandra wishes the new Secretary-General all the success in the world in fixing all those problems that he knows all too well exist. We’ll be there to point out a few issues along the way…


Concept by Alexandros Koronakis
Illustration by Lavrentis Horaitis
Produced by JZ Strategic