Amazon triggered public outcry on 1 December by selling Christmas ornaments decorated with images of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

The online store removed the products, after the Auschwitz Memorial in Poland urged it to do so:

“Selling ‘Christmas ornaments’ with images of Auschwitz does not seem appropriate. Auschwitz on a bottle opener is rather disturbing and disrespectful”, the museum said.

The products were being sold by third-party sellers and were described as “travel souvenirs”.

The museum later said it had discovered other offensive items, such as a mousepad and a ceramic Christmas ornament with a freight car used for deporting Jews for extermination.

Auschwitz was the largest Nazi extermination center. Over 1.1 million victims, including some 1 million Jewish prisoners, were killed in the camp during World War II. Around 232.000 of the victims were children.