Back, in the old beautiful days of the Cold War things were quite simple. The Soviets were engaged in Europe with ‘Active Measures’ and ‘Disinformazia’ and the operations revolved around the so-called ‘Useful Idiots’ who at the time, were flourishing.

Indeed, back then, it was fashionable and trendy for young people to believe and be aligned with the far left. Especially in the leading universities catering to the offspring of wealthy families, the left was seen as Avant-garde. Socialization with the sexually liberated, and endless all-night analysis of the Little Red Book of Mao Zedong and the 18th Brummaire of Louis Napoleon.

That was the old guard of the ‘Useful Idiots’ who, guided by the then Intelligentsia – their leaders well connected with the Soviet Cultural and Press Attaches in the role of “agitators”, had a decisive role in many events including the student revolt of May 1968 in France. Indeed, it was these ‘Useful Idiots’ who were the real prompters of the student revolution.

These same years in America, thanks to Joseph McCarthy, ‘Useful Idiots’ did not thrive.

The few exceptions came primarily in the form of actors and intellectuals in search of attention.

Today, we witness the modern revival of the Soviet propaganda, with Russia working for the destabilization of the western powers.

The game with the ongoing chaos around the relations of the Trump entourage and Russia for its presumed role on the US Presidential election is a superb Russian, Soviet-type setup. Indeed, for the first time in modern history Americans became trapped in a nonsense “civil war” against one another. The desired end result for the Russians is obviously the demolition of all anti-Russia embargo structures.

Before Donald Trump was President, he was in business and Russia was one the areas he operated in. While not traditional – and without being apologists, we must the reality that the American President was networked in a different than the usual way with the Russians.

Yet today, the Russians have successfully managed to nudge the American leadership into spiraling crisis. This has happened in part thanks to a different leadership and rhetorical style of Trump, and in part to the ‘Useful Idiots’ blossoming in the quarters of the President’s political opponents.

Another case of the Russian attempts to destabilize western powers, is staged now-a-days in France with the revolt of yellow jackets – the ‘Gilets Jaunes’. Indeed, a small week-end demonstration by truck drivers disappointed with the fuel price increase, morphed into a new ‘May 68’ situation. This was the result of the ‘Useful Idiots’ and the linear political thinking of the French leaders.

Demonstrations got unreasonably large, because certain video-clips showing French police brutalities, even in schools, became viral on the Internet. Because of this more and more people joined the protestors, but not for the fuel prices any more. How and where the meta-Soviets are involved, I do not know.

There are indications that involvement ranges from fake news, to social media polarization campaigns, to allegations of video manipulation. There are well equipped professionals behind the scenes.

Sources suggested to me that the Rossiya Segodnya studios of Sputnik TV have also had a role in this affair. That would not come as a surprise. Conspiracy theories do not apply for big things. Reality for big things is always before our eyes, as long as we keep them wide open.