With Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in the US Senate giving the global public more memes than real answers, the capital of the European Union, Brussels, is preparing to enter a media frenzy of its own. Zuckerberg is set to visit with leaders of the European Parliament, in a meeting whose preparation has led to ample drama.

Here are 5 questions that the lucky few of the EU’s leadership who get to talk to Zuckerberg should ask Facebook’s CEO:


– ONE –

Recently announced updates to Facebook’s Data Policy and Terms of Service indicate that Facebook’s use of personal data from its social network service for targeted advertising on the Facebook platform is a take-it-or-leave-it proposition – a user must either accept a limited amount of collection and use of personal data for advertising or delete his/her Facebook account.  How is this consistent with the GDPR’s requirements – particularly Article 7 on consent and Article 21’s right to object to the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes?

– TWO –

Facebook has acknowledged that it tracks users and non-users on more than 2 million other websites using its social plugins and advertising pixels.  How do consumers know all the places Facebook is tracking them and how will Facebook ensure all of these websites obtain consent for Facebook to collect data about them?


What data is Facebook collecting about non-users and how do non-Facebook users opt out of Facebook’s data collection activities?

– FOUR –

Given that Facebook’s new Parental Consent tool has been criticized as easy to circumvent, is Facebook’s treatment of children’s data consistent with the special protections that this data merits under Article 8 of the GDPR.

– FIVE –

Facebook gives users the ability to request and download the data that Facebook has compiled about them. Yet that downloaded data does not include data such as the list of the websites Facebook users have visited that is collected by Facebook. Why is that the case, and when will Facebook make this information available to users?  What other information about Facebook users is not available for download?