The Italian judge Nicola Quatrano calls them the “Baby Camorra,” the younger and more aggressive generation of the Neapolitan Mafia syndicate. The new members, who are violently taking over the power from older generations of bosses, have radically changed their role models.

The Camorra young affiliates are not looking anymore after the classic mobster movies icons such as Tony Montana in Scarface or Don Vito Corleone in the Godfather. They prefer to take fashion tips from Islamic extremists, with a number of their members wearing full beards reminiscent of the Taliban ones.

Last Monday, judge Quatrano ordered 43 convictions with sentences up to 20 years of jail imposed on a number of the “Baby Camorra” criminals, as a result of an investigation conducted upon requests of Francesco De Falco and Henry John Woodcock, public prosecutors.

“Some of the young convicted mobsters showed a long, bushy beard, likewise Taliban militias” explained the judge in his sentence, ”which deeply connect them with the same Jihad militants’ mindset: they are both obsessed with death, maybe they love it, probably crave it, as if dying could be their only chance to give some sort of meaning to their life and in order to live forever”.

One member of this young clan is even referring to themselves as the ‘Barbuti’ – meaning the bearded ones.

These young mobsters were proven guilty of countless murders and raids in several neighborhoods of downtown Naples. Their aim was to spread terror among the inhabitants in order to prevent them from reporting these crimes to the police.

Some of the convicted criminals were also family relatives of the old bosses.

The judge wrote that the new Mafia set is “a group of young and very young driven by a powerful aspiration for a generational shift” by shaking up the older Camorra hierarchy.

The new young criminals “are indifferent to the traditional concept of prestige, perhaps because of extended terms spent in prison.”

The new bosses, in a shift of mentality, have adopted the values and the style of ruthless and careless fighters, he concluded.

(With The Globalist)