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New Europe
 is the leading EU affairs newspaper, published since 1993, with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.


ne01bn-01New Europe is the only independent newspaper, published weekly, with no political affiliation and seeks to present factually-correct information in an accessible format.

It was as Balkan News in March of 1993, and the power of EU integration saw the publisher relaunch as the New Europe in August two years later.

New Europe brings you the most important news and offers a wide range of analysis and opinion pieces concerning European Union and international policy and politics.

New Europe provides a complete proposition in the EU News Market, extending its coverage beyond the scope of daily news, examining life, leisure, fashion and the cultural agenda.

Our audience includes European Institutions, policymakers, politicians, governments, NGO’s , business stakeholders and other loyal subscribers in more than 150 countries around the globe.

New Europe’s objective is to serve as a source of valued information, and to be a platform for policy makers to enjoy an open dialogue.


Our Mission

values-missionWe generate a foundation of facts that enriches the public dialogue and supports sound decision-making. New Europe’s position in the European Union spectrum is clear:

Pro-European, with faith in the European Project, but not blind to the faults of the European structures and our mission is to foster transparency, democracy, dialogue, and debate. We are focusing on a wide range of topics and highlighting some of the world’s most challenging problems.

We investigate, involve, inspire and give the floor to as many voices as possible.

Our Vision

New Europe’s vision is to provide critical and timely information to opinion formers and decision makers, and facilitates these power groups with a forum for discussion and debate.

We fight for transparency, democracy, dialogue, and debate and we believe in a world of cooperation. We believe in a world of peace. We believe in a world of freedom.
As a team, and as individuals in our daily lives, we all strive for a better New World.

We demonstrate a plurality of opinions, we are a watchdog for an accountable society, we build trustworthy relationships and we are committed to integration while respecting cultural identities.

The Special Editions

With the astounding success of New Europe Special editions, New Europe strives to develop these in-depth products for today’s most important issues. For countries whose relationship with Europe is at a critical juncture, New Europe creates an edition dedicated to the issues at hand, and as such develops a platform for communication between key EU decision-makers and European opinion-formers, and the country’s leadership, business sector, and civil society.


New Europe special editions and supplements provide companies and organizations with the opportunity to communicate products, perspectives, and brand value on items with premium visibility. Special editions are the ideal platform for impact; whether it is to impact the EU policy agenda and position on the international stage, or to reinforce branding to the high calibre audience of New Europe.


External Contributions

New Europe (Print and Digital) is interested in hearing from you and welcomes readers who would like to submit external contributions for publication under the conditions of no financial or other obligation, no obligation for publishing and no obligation to return manuscripts or videos. If you have an idea or knowledge about a topic that you would like to share it with us, please send us an email at: info [at] neweurope.eu

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